I’ve found my true Renee

Renee is 24 years younger than me a beautiful person she calls me My luv My Lenny yes my given name is Leonard Alvin Dressler my soulmate that is my fiancee’ soon to be my marriage mate for life she is Filipino a people whose culture, land and History was revealed to me by my Father- Alvin Donald Dressler a World War 2 veteran an educated man @ Indiana University pure chemistry major.   When I was a child he always said “Remember the Golden rule I did I based my life on  these words we lost track when things got crazy with Hate crime perpetrated by Angel ( Agnes) Barretto Carpio a Filipino woman I called her “chick” towards the end of our relationship  she feed me meth on cantaloupe I was seizing doubled up I was begging her to stop and she wouldn’t I ended up in the slum in Las Vegas because of my Love for the wrong person ,then a woman came into my life saying she was FBI showed me he badge she said FBI had been drugs were planted in my refrigerator freezer mail stolen This so called 350 lb. FBI special agent  attached herself to my bank account so every time there is any activity even me I receive text and email so activity can be justified by me.I reported this hate  crime to the FBI and they said two years later there was no crime committed I gave  them email addresses license plates odometer readings etc. You see I am blessed with a photgraphic memory So much I remember. I died in the hospital but as I lay in my bed I called my sister Linda Marie Turner a hospice nurse and she said my daughter Lisa was dead  do you know how Linda hurt me at the most critical time fighting for my life she said I told you so. Told me what! Linda is also the sister that sexually abused me saying later in life no one would believe me. She was right she would send me Hundreds of dollars at a time to enable this addiction . One day in 2006 she sad you’ll never be able to quit No more of her power over me I quit cold turkey after six years do you think it was easy but that is me don’t challenge me to make me a weak individual. So then she had me move to Waldorf Maryland in an apartment in her name. She got me my first prostitute by the name of Monique Walker I finally moved to Las Vegas and while at her urging entered hospice care in 2014 she then Linda call me and send me a link from a Maryland paper showing where monique’ was arrested for pimping her 13 year old daughter I was trying to get back to church .I asked her why is she so interested in prostitution. I threatened to reveal this and all hell broke loose seems now people were starting to believe me,2of my pc were stolen and always when I told her these things its always nobody will believe you. What part did she have in this hate crime that didn’t happen did she play. Linda is a very sickperson and nobody believes me.That is fine I give it to GOD he is the judge not me thank GOD it’s over Olivia’ Celine Pheonix